Prof. Zakia Sarwar

Hon. Executive Director

Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers

Educated at the University of Leeds, UK in 1992 and the University of Sydney, Australia in 1982, Zakia Sarwar has made immense contribution in the field of education, the teaching of English Language, in particular. She is a founding member of SPELT (Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers) and actively participates in this association for the imparting of this language. Furthermore, she is the Chairperson of the National Committee for English, Higher Education Commission.

She is presently Director of Courses for Cambridge University Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English (COTE). Convener and author on the Sinclh Text Book Board, a visiting faculty member at Pakistan Institute of Public Administration and a curriculum and professional development consultant for Agahi Schools, Mansehra. Currently, a Research Coordinator at SPELT. she has carried out research on various areas of Education such as teaching of writing in under-resourced institutions, teaching English as a foreign language with limited resources, negotiation of the English curriculum in the classroom and Project-based Learning (PBL) to name just a few.

She has won the prestigious honors and awards both within and out of Pakistan. Some of these include Award for Excellence at Government PECHS College for Women, Solidarity Award from IALA World Congress to present PBL research finding in Singapore and the TOEFL Policy Council Award at the TESOL Convention 2000 in Vancouver. She has made contributions through several publications on the English Language andĀ its teaching.